Digital Visualization Of Supplements Or Beauty Products

Digital Visualization Of Supplements Or Beauty Products


Output formats:


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Service Description

3d modelling and Digital Visualization for dietary supplements or beauty products. A great-looking resulting visualization will help present the object to your users, clients and peers.

  • Receive an accurate, high quality 3D model with great topology.1
  • High quality rendered images of your products.2
  • Test renders will be provided as the work progresses in order to verify the level of quality and detail suited to your needs.



  • Fully editable scene with 3D model of one object / item / container. All textures materials and setups.
  • Four 3000x3000px render shots of your choice, isolated in white background (front, left side, right side, group shot)

Output formats: .OBJ, .FBX, .JPEG, .PNG


Please provide as much information about the object as possible, including:

  • Photos of the container showing it as straight as possible.
  • The label artwork file in vector format with texts outlined.

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