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What are Meetai Services?

Meetai Services are for anyone who wants to simplify the process of completing projects online. With the help of expert designers, developers, producers and digital creatives, we work in what we love and provide you with the fruits of our endeavor through this site.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the respective areas of expertise we showcase and only offer the best possible outcome through our Services here, at Meetai.

We love offering our services through this site because it brings a steady stream of genuine customers and helps making everything straightforward.

Buyers/customers love us because we get their requests done with the same reliability, affordability and expertise they have come to expect from us.

Meetai Services are offered as part of the online network created by Meetai during the years, providing a creative source of solutions matched to the requirements of our customers.

Terms of using Meetai Services

Meetai has a set of terms governing the use of the site, as well as a privacy policy. It’s important for you to make sure you’ve reviewed the terms relevant to you as they contain important information relating to your promises to us and our promises to you when using the site.

  • User Terms – These apply to all buyers and anyone who uses the site, even if they’re just browsing and don’t request a service.
  • Services Agreement – The agreement that a buyer and Meetai make with each other every time a buyer orders a job or starts a project.
  • Privacy Policy – Part of the User Terms.

These terms are always accessible through the footer on Meetai pages.

Why should I get projects done with Meetai?

When browsing our service pages you can see details of a service, like price, revision time and more before you even get in touch with us to start your project. We aim to make creative services done by people you can trust as easy as possible. Our way of doing business has provided us with many great customers during the years that rejoice on the experience of working together with us, enjoying and profiting from the result of the work they receive by using Meetai Services.

A robust dispute resolution process is available to everyone using Meetai Services. We do our best to ensure the quality of your experience. If for any reason you feel like you’re not happy with how the project went, you can raise a dispute. Disputes will be fairly judged by a trained member of our staff. You will receive a full refund if we feel the service has not been provided to the level you paid for.

How does buying a Meetai Service work?

Browse the site until you find the service you want at the right price for you.

Sometimes the advertised service doesn’t quite fit what you are looking to do, or you simply can’t find a suitable service for your project. In such cases, don’t worry, you can always reach out to us or ask for a quote for a Custom Project instead. This way the project brief will more closely fit your project’s needs.

Next, you’ll create a clear and detailed brief, including any necessary files.

Payment is upfront, but will be kept in a holding account until the project is successfully completed.

If we’re able to perform the service you’ve requested, we’ll begin working. We should complete your project within the promised turnaround time. 

If you think your project needs some additional work, you can always ask for additional work. This will ensure that if the scope of the project changes we can agree to the new price and terms.

If you’re happy with the work, we arrange for you to receive final files.

How is the scope of a service defined?

The scope of the project is what you have agreed will be done in the service. 

To find out the scope of our services, browse through service descriptions in the category closest to what you need done. You can also directly reach out to us for further information and clarity.

If the scope doesn’t meet your needs you have the opportunity to request a custom project by going to the “Start a Project” page here.

How do I start a Custom Project?

If you are looking for something specific, or if you think the scope of a particular advertised service doesn’t quite fit your project, you can start a Custom Project. 

This can be done by browsing through the category that best fits your project and then sending an inquiry message to us using our Contact form or going to the Start a Project page.

Once we discuss and reach an agreement on the scope and price of your project, we will send you a proposal for you to accept. 

Why is payment for projects taken upfront?

When you pay for a project, the money stays in a holding account until the project is completed, at which point the funds are released. If you’re not happy with the work, and a Meetai team member upholds your complaint, payment will be returned to you in full.

This system ensures that we are always paid if we do good work, and that buyers can always be refunded if they don’t receive what they were promised.

How does trust work on Meetai site?

Meetai is a trusted community of hard-working professionals and service providers.

When you are ready to start work, you can get started by placing an order through a Service page or proposing and ordering a custom project by making an inquiry.

By getting your project done with Meetai, you have the backing of a dedicated support team and a robust dispute resolution process for when things don’t go to plan. You can read more about this here.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding your Meetai experience, you can contact us through our Contact Meetai form.

Can I get support from Meetai?

Meetai’s Team is eager to hear about any issues or questions you may have. Feel free to get in touch with us at any stage. We will respond as soon as possible.

What is the Dispute Resolution Process?

The Dispute Resolution Process is a robust framework which allows trained Meetai staff to resolve disputes with buyers. This process helps ensure that we will get paid when we deserve to and likewise buyers receive a refund when they deserve to.

The Dispute Resolution Process can be entered into at any stage by a buyer up to and including 7 days following the completion of the project, as indicated by both parties.

Why was my project closed automatically?

projects are automatically marked as approved if there are more than five days of inactivity on a project timeline after files have been posted or sent to you. Each time you send us a communication through the agreed channels that means the project timeline is updated and the counter resets and begins to count down again. This timer is in place to ensure that buyers maintain an ongoing communication with us. To reset the timer again just send us another message.

How is a project finalized?

When work on a project is finished, we deliver files to the buyer for approval. Buyers then receive communication advising there is work for them to review. Upon reviewing the work, the buyer can approve the project, at which point the project is marked as Delivered. Alternatively, the buyer can request changes. If the buyer doesn’t approve the work or request changes within 5 days, then the project will automatically be marked as Delivered.

Once a project is delivered, it remains open for another 7 days to give the buyer time to make sure that they have everything they need. After 7 days, the project is finalized, which means that the project timeline is closed and the buyer’s payment is considered as earnings for the project.