3D Character Animation

3D Character Animation


Output formats:


Animation duration


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Service Description

Bring your 3D character to life through professional animation techniques that ensure your character is of top quality. Promote your message with feature-rich animations that help you tell you story in a powerful and entertaining way.


  • Result: 1920×1080 animation video file (10 sec max).
  • Output formats: .MP4


Contact us for details on how to obtain these:

  • Longer animation time.
  • Source animation files: The source model in the format in which the animation was created, including .BLEND and .MAX formats.

Briefing Details

Please send detailed description of project, including

  • Existing rigged 3D model – formats required 3ds Max, Blender or Maya. If you need us to do the model for you please check our 3D Character / Mascot Design and 3D Character Animation services.
  • Information about your business.
  • Specific effects and scene details you’d like.
  • Graphic elements that you’d want included.
  • All 3D assets should be rigged if animation of these is required.

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