Original Soundtrack Composition

Original Soundtrack Composition

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Output formats:

.WAV, .OGG, .MP3

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Service Description

This Service provides high-quality original music composition for games, films, commercials, movies, TV, and more.

We help you bring your emotions, passion and sensory goals to your Project.

The audio will be produced using high-quality audio equipment and the best available instruments and sounds for a professional and finished sound.

You’ll get the final mastered audio file in any format you prefer.

Listen to Meetai Music here: https://meetai.com/music


  • Result: Mixed and mastered Audio track.
  • Output formats: .WAV, .OGG, .MP3

Briefing Details

Please send complete information about your Project, including:

  • Genre: Is this for a game, trailer, advertising, etc…
  • Idea: Tell me about the idea for the project, let me know what feeling you want to express and feel free to add details like mood, tempo, story, etc.
  • Sounds: Let me know if you’ve got a preference about the instruments and sounds you want or don’t want in your track.
  • Length: How many minutes of finished music do you need? 2 minutes included in standard price.
  • Reference: Do you have reference soundtrack you like and want a similar style for your project?
  • Assets: If the project is for a video, the resulting track can be composed aligned to it.


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